TSM - Daily monitoring tasks


1. Verify that drives are online. If there is a drive in the unavailable state, there may be errors with schedules.
query drive

2. Verify that database and recovery log volumes are online and synchronized.
query dbvolume
query logvolume

3. Check the status of disk volumes. If any are offline, check for hardware problems.
query volume devclass=disk

4. Check that scratch volumes are available.
query libvolume

5. Check the access state of the tape volumes. For example, a volume that is not in the read-write state may indicate a problem. You may need to move data and check the volumes out of the library.
query volume

6. Check database and recovery log statistics.
query db query log

7. Verify that scheduled database backups completed successfully.
query volhistory type=dbbackup

8. Check the activity log for error messages.
query actlog search=ANR????E