Solaris commands

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CommandCommon Arguments & DescriptionCommand Description
cfgadm-l (Lists the state and condition of all attachment points)Config admin on dynamically reconfigurable hardware resources
cfgadm-la (Display info about the host ports and their attached devices)Config admin on dynamically reconfigurable hardware resources
devfsadm (Maintains the /dev and /devices namespaces. Attempts to load every driver in the system and attach to all possible device instances and creates device special files in /devices and logical links in /dev)Administration command for /dev and /devices
dumpadm (Show dump device and savecore information)Configure operating system crash dump
dumpadm -d /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s7 (Define the device given as the dump device)Configure operating system crash dump
format (format is an interactive menu based utility)Disk partitioning and maintenance utility
growfs-M /app /dev/md/rdsk/d1 (Previously a new slice was added to the volume d1 which backs the mounted file system /app. growfs specifies the mount point /app which is expanded into the raw volume /dev/md/rdsk/d1. )Grow the size of a UFS file system concurrently and online
metainitd2 1 1 c2t50001FE15010C807d4s2 (Create a metadevice called d2 that contains one stripe (1st 1) and one slice (2nd 1) followed by the logical name for the physical slice)Configure metadevices
metastat (Display status of all metadevices or hot spare pools)Display status of metadevices or hot spare pool
metastatd1 (Display status of metadevice d1)Display status of a metadevice
metattachd1 c3t50001FE15010C508d3s2 (Concatenate a single new slice to an existing metadevice d1, Afterwards use growfs to expand the filesystem.)Attach metadevices to a mirror or trans
newfs/dev/md/dsk/d2 (Create a new UFS file system on device /dev/md/dsk/d2)Construct a UFS file system
pkgadd-d . SUNWcest (Install from the current directory the package SUNWcest)Install a package
showrev-p (Show the patches for solaris installed on the server)Show patches installed
shutdown-y -i5 -g0 (Shut the machine down now so that it is safe to remove the power)Shutdown system