General I.T. Configuration and How-TOs


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Adaptec aacraid managementHow to manage the Adaptec AACRaid card using the arcconf management tool
ApacheApache and IBM HTTP server - IHS
Brocade SAN switchUpgrading the fabric OS of a Brocade SAN switch
Default ip-addresses and passwordsDefault ip-addresses and passwords
DNS - digQuerying DNS records with dig
IBM - Upload filesHow to upload files to IBM
OpenldapWorking with Openldap
Openssl certificate requestHow to generate an ssl certificate request using openssl
Oracle - 32 or 64 bitHow to check whether the installed version of Oracle is 32 or 64 bit
Oracle Storage performanceHow to configure storage for best performance of Oracle
Putty - Copy sessionsHow to copy saved putty sessions to another computer
RRDtoolUsing rrdtool to graph performance stats
SSH keysSetting up SSH authentication without a password using keys
Sudoerssudoers examples
SunFire V490 H/W diagsRunning hardware diagnostics on a SunFire V490 server
SVC - Find aux vdisk namesSVC - How to determine the name of auxilary vdisks associated with master vdisks
UAC - VistaHow to disable User Account Control (UAC) in vista
USB key - DOS bootable How to create a DOS bootable USB key
Veritas - remove a volumeHow to remove/delete a Veritas volume
X-series firmware updateHow to update the firmware on IBM X-series servers
X11 forwardingHow to setup X11 forwarding using ssh and putty