Linux Configuration and How-TOs


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cdrecordcdrecord is a command line utility for copying data and audio onto CD
Disk - Add to VGHow to add an unused disk to a volume group
Disk Array connectivityCheck whether a Linux server is connected to a Disk Array
DNS - digQuerying DNS records with dig
Filesystem creation and removalCreation and removal of a new logical volume and filesystem
Filesystem and LV resizeResizing of a reiserfs or ext3 filesystem and its logical volume
LVM snapshotLVM snapshot
Memory availableHow to determine the amount of memory available for applications
Red Hat - Network Crash DumpSetup of Red Hat's Network Crash Dump Facility
SNMPSNMP configuration and information
Software RAID arrayReplacing a faulty disk in a software RAID array
Suse - visibility of arrayTemporarily prevent a Suse linux server from seeing it's array on reboot
Swap LV creationCreating a swap logical volume
up2dateUsing up2date the Red Hat Update Agent
User account creationCreating a new user account
Wireless network cardInstalling a wireless network card without linux drivers
XVNC - FedoraSetting up xvnc support on Fedora