IBM TSM - Space reclamation error - insufficient space in storage pool


Have you got an error similar to the following in the TSM activity logs?

15-03-2009 15:50:14  ANR1086E Space reclamation is ended for volume VOL123. 
There is insufficient space in storage pool. (PROCESS: 470)

Are there enough free scratch tapes?

Use the following SQL statement from within dsmadmc to check if there are enough scratch tapes available.

SELECT COUNT(volume_name) AS Number_of_scratch FROM libvolumes WHERE STATUS='Scratch'

If there are enough scratch tapes available then check the "Maximum Scratch Volumes allowed" parameter for the storage pool.

To find the storage pool for the failing space reclamation search the activity logs for an entry similar to the following.

ANR1040I Space reclamation started for volume VOL123, 
storage pool BACKUP_POOL (process number 470). (PROCESS: 470).

Try the following command to find the above error in the activity log.

q act begind=03/15/2009 s="Space reclamation started for volume"

This should provide information on the relevant storage pool; in this case the storage pool is "BACKUP_POOL".

When can now check the "Maximum Scratch Volumes allowed" parameter for this storage pool using the following command.

q stg BACKUP_POOL f=d

This value will need to be greater than the parameter "Number of Scratch Volumes Used".

To increase this maximum scratch volumes allowed in the stgpool "BACKUP_POOL" to (in this example) 50, use the following command.

update stgpool BACKUP_POOL maxscr=50

To check the new value, re-run

q stg BACKUP_POOL f=d