Acronyms and what they stand for

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AcronymTechnology/VendorStands for
AIXAIXAdvanced Interactive eXecutive
bffAIXBackup File Format
C-SPOCAIXCluster Single Point of Control
CUoDIBMCapacity Upgrade on Demand
FCIPSANFibre Channel over IP
HEAIBMHost Ethernet Adapter
HMCIBMHardware Management Console
ISLSANInter Switch Link
IVMIBM PowerVMIntegrated Virtualization Manager
lppAIXLicensed Program Product
NFSNetworks and OSNetwork File System
NIMAIXNetwork Installation Manager
OSOSOperating System
SMTGeneralSimultaneous Multithreading
SPOTAIXShared Product Object Tree
SVCIBM storageSAN Volume Controller
VIOIBM PowerVMVirtual I/O