How to upload snap and other files to IBM


There are a couple of ways to ensure IBM receive the files they need to diagnose a fault.


ftp the files to IBM

IBM prefer you to use a browser and http to upload the file, however if you need to upload directly from the server you may have to use ftp.

As an example we will create a snap file and ftp this file to IBM.

To provide a general snap use the following command, for a more detailed explanation including additional options please see the snap article under the AIX section on this site.

snap -r (to remove any old snap data...answer yes if prompted to remove directories)

snap -gc (this creates the snap.pax.Z file in /tmp/ibmsupt)

Rename the file with the prefix of the call ref, ie A1HML79.snap.pax.Z

Then ftp the snap to IBMs ftp support site and place the file in /toibm/aix (Ensure that binary mode is used for all ftp transfers)

login : anonymous

password : your email address

If this doesn't work, which is possible then use the http method below.


Use a browser and http to upload the files

Go to the following URL

Type the call reference number in the first box and the machine type in the second and hit return.

On the next page browse for the file(s) to upload and click on submit.